The earth takes millions of years to create a natural diamond. This geological phenomenon results in hard, highly refractive, crystalline carbon structures. But mining diamonds is a destructive, costly process with devastating effects on our environment and eco-systems. Approximately 2.5 tons of the earth have to be removed and 126 gallons of water are used to uncover 1 carat of rough diamond.

At N-ue we use diamonds that are created in a lab using chemical vapour disposition or CVD technology. Thin slices of diamonds, called diamond seeds, are placed in temperature and pressure controlled vacuum chambers. Carbon atoms are then introduced and layered onto the seed forming a tetrahedral crystal of carbon, commonly known as a diamond. These above ground diamonds are then cut and polished by the same workshops that process mined diamonds. We select the highest quality created diamonds for our jewelry. All the stones used in our Fine Jewelry collection are DEF Color and VS+ Clarity. This means your jewelry contains the whitest and cleanest sustainable diamonds, ensuring unparalleled sparkle and resilience. The stones for our engagement collection always come with an IGI certificate. Our experts choose only exceptional stones that are excellent in cut, G+ in color and VS+ clarity.


Gold mining has been common practice for centuries. It has displaced societies, incited wars, and polluted our planet. At N-ue we strive to recycle and repurpose gold from existing sources like old jewelry and electrical components. This limits the amount of destruction caused by new mining. We procured, recycled, and refined discarded gold. We then used this gold to create new jewelry of the same high quality. We use only 18k yellow gold in making our jewelry, which is both air and water resistant, and also pure enough for those with sensitivity to metals and alloys.


N-ue pieces are delicate, but durable. We don’t use traditional casting methods because we believe jewelry should truly feel like a second skin: featherlight on your body, an extension of your soul. You will find that our rings slowly transform their shape to fit the contours of your fingers perfectly. Our earrings never weigh you down. N-ue necklaces float on your collarbone, while our bracelets grace your wrist like a wisp of silk. Each piece is handcrafted in Europe by artisans with an expertise in making ultra fine 18k gold jewelry.


We want to encourage everyone to own fine jewelry and be part of our story. Diamonds don’t have to be daunting. Fine jewelry doesn’t have to be a dream. Luxury and sustainability can be affordable. At N-ue, we put a lot of time into choosing the right components at the most competitive prices. We work our way up from design to pricing and materials, adapting and assessing every step of the way to ensure our customer always gets a superior product at an accessible price.


In an industry dominated by men, we are proud to be a company founded and managed by women. From our design room, factory floors, to our accounting and marketing divisions, we employ a talented and diverse group of women. If you are interested in joining us please write to us at