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Our Values


The earth takes millions of years to create a natural diamond. This geological phenomenon results in hard, highly refractive, crystalline carbon structures. But mining diamonds is a destructive, costly process with devastating effects on our environment and eco-systems. Approximately 2.5 tons of the earth have to be removed and 126 gallons of water are used to uncover 1 carat of rough diamond. We use traceable, ethically, sustainably grown diamonds. Learn more about them here.


Gold mining has been common practice for centuries. It has displaced societies, incited wars, and polluted our planet. At N-UE we strive to recycle and repurpose gold. We procure, recycled, and refined discarded gold from electrical components. We then used this gold to create new jewelry of the same high quality. We use only 18k yellow gold in making our jewelry, which is both air and water resistant, and also pure enough for those with sensitivity to metals and alloys.


Our pieces are delicate, but durable. We believe jewelry should truly feel like a second skin: featherlight on your body, an extension of your soul. Each piece is handcrafted in Europe by women with an expertise in making ultra fine 18k gold jewelry. They are trained in the traditional art of goldsmithing, and make each piece individually. Jewelry that is made by women, for women.


As a brand committed to uplifting women, a portion of all sales are donated to Project Nanhi Kali. One of India’s largest programmes that enables underprivileged girls to complete 10 years of schooling. We firmly believe that educating girls is the first step in building a more ethical, just and equal society. Learn more about Project Nanhi Kali here.