The Octagon is a symbol of rebirth and renewal. This structural shape of the Renaissance becomes a frame for the modern diamond. Our Lab-Grown Diamonds glitter in their recycled gold cases, giving you contemporary and chic jewelry that represents the sustainable rebirth of the diamond.

The marriage of technology and tradition. The finest lab-grown diamonds from the heart of Antwerp meet artisans that melt and mould recycled gold into exquisite heirlooms. Begin your journey together with a ring that celebrates fine design, ethical materials and expert craftsmanship.

Back to the origins, the jewelry that built the brand. Our Foundations pieces are timeless, feminine and feather light. Jewelry that accompanies you on your everyday adventures. Handcrafted treasures that quickly become your second skin.

Our Duality collection is a melange of materials that form tiny sculptures that adorn your body. Minimal from afar, visually striking from up close. Each piece plays on height and volume to make its mark on your body; the ultimate canvas. 

In a world where everything is changing, we are forced to provide definitions. We now know, more than ever, that identity is not a constant. Identity is every evolving. For this collection, we have reinvented the identity tag as a clean golden slate, pierced by brilliant and fiery lab-grown diamonds. Mix them, match them, leave the spaces blank and scream out loud with us; I AM ME.

Inspired by an era of artistic richness and symbolism. Our Megara collection takes you back to the treasures of Byzantium. Handcrafted medallions that effortlessly capture the energy of ancient and modern times. 

Celestial shapes that form dreamscapes in art, now unite on a new canvas; your body. Emci combines shapes to create formations that represent the infinite possibilities and orientations translating jewelry into art.