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An ode to the ones who can admire the things that they have no control over. To the ones that know that perception is merely the way you look at something. That circumstance is dependent on where you are standing in the world, just like the moon. Presenting love as the ultimate form of companionship, through the good, through the bad, but mostly through the regular. Everyday moments that reflect everyday love. Welcome to the beginning of your journey, welcome to



We use only recycled 18k gold and lab-grown diamonds in all of our jewelry. Pure, transparent, and responsible; we believe it is the only way to start your love story. Each ring is made in Antwerp, Belgium. We practice inclusivity on a daily basis with special significance given to empowering women and people of color.


Hailing from the city of diamonds, our team has decades of experience working with these brilliant gemstones. We choose only the best diamonds for our clients. From sourcing the rough, to manufacturing and setting, we handle everything. All our MOON diamonds are accompanied by a globally recognised IGI certificate. 


The secret to the finesse of our pieces lies in their construction. With an emphasis on human history and the tradition of jewelry making, each piece is handcrafted around the chosen diamond. We're proud to say that our settings are 100% handmade by women, for women.


The marriage of technology and tradition. The finest created diamonds from the heart of Antwerp meet artisans that melt and mould recycled gold into exquisite heirlooms.

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