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AGE Ring

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    In a world where everything is changing, we are forced to provide definitions. We now know, more than ever, that identity is not a constant. Identity is every evolving. While filling in the blanks: name, age, gender; there is a voice inside that shouts: I AM ME. For this collection, we have reinvented the identity tag as a clean golden slate, pierced by brilliant and fiery lab-grown diamonds. Mix them, match them, leave the spaces blank and scream out loud with us; I AM ME.

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    • 18k Rose Gold
    • 0.18ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds

    All our diamonds are D,E,F colour and VS+ clarity

    To learn more about our materials click here. If the size or item you would like to order is sold out, email us at info@n-ue.com and we will assist you further. All pieces are made to order and can be customized. For rings and bracelets, please mention your size in the order notes. Use our size guide to find your size, or contact us for guidance.


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At N-UE we use diamonds that are created in a lab using chemical vapour disposition or CVD technology. These above ground diamonds have traceable origins and are cut and polished by experts. We select the highest quality created diamonds for our jewelry. This means your jewelry contains the whitest and cleanest sustainable diamonds, ensuring unparalleled sparkle and resilience.